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This destination off the Pacific coast of Panama, was seldom visited until recent years. Isla de Coiba was a prison island for nearly a hundred years. Isla Coiba has been protected as a national park since before the prison shut down. Except for the prisoners who used to live in tiki shacks and ancient indians before spanish conquerors, no one has ever lived in all these islands. Still today, few people ever venture out around these tropical islands, it’s far away.

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If it’s Black Marlin you are searching for, let me help you, my name is Tom Yust. I’ve been fishing all my life and I’ve been fishing twenty one years on the Hannibal Bank. I’m here for the Black Marlin. You should be too, because this is where they are.

You need live bait. Once your bait’s out fishing correctly, you need patience. Because it’s just a matter of time. This is where Black Marlin are. Right here.

It’s easier to be patient when you are comfortable. You can relax when you know your guide is up in the tower is watching your baits and paying attention to the water. You know this captain has found hundreds of Black Marlins right here before. You know you’re in the right place, with the right bait, on the right boat. Now you can enjoy hanging with your friends waiting for your shot.

It’s easy to be comfortable on the Joker, lots of shaded breezy cabin space to sprawl out in. Big cockpit to move around in, the bridge, and a tower to climb for different perspective.

You don’t want a bigger boat than the Joker, not here, not for this kind of marlin fishing. This turbo charged, twin engine 1969 31 Bertram quickly maneuvers right up close to your big Black Marlin. Spins on a dime and gets after it. Four anglers, captain & mate have plenty of space. It’s perfect for the scenic 24 mile cruise to and from Hannibal Bank. Joker is the right tool for the job.

Mr. Marlin Fisherman, look no further.

This is great trip. Panama is less than three hours from Miami. Here, your personal airport escorts and private plane await your arrival for immediate take off to a distant uninhabited Pacific tropical island. Very cool. Going marlin fishing in the Pacific Ocean off Panama on Hannibal Bank with Capt. Tom Yust aboard the Joker.

CAPTAIN - Tom Yust

I’ve been a fishing guide for over twenty-five years. I first fished Coiba in 1991 and I’ve been here exploring the fishing, year-round every year since.

No one could know better about sportfishing this area than me. In twenty years of being in this remote paradise I’ve worked out the unique logistics & techniques which allow you to arrive easily, eat well, sleep well, fish with nice equipment, have fun, fight big fish, release them healthy and return home satisfied & refreshed.
My crew are seasoned professionals. My equipment is the best it can be. I really know how to work it.

I’m not in this for the money. I love this. I’m here for same reasons you want to be here. We are in the same boat. I just want to be here, outdoors in this beautiful place, fishing and having as much fun as we possibly can.

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